Caleb Burnham


I don't have boundaries on my outlook on life, my outlook is always changing. I always try to help others in need, whether it be helping them make a life changing choice or picking papers off the floor. I like to live in the moment with a smile on my face and a laugh close to my heart. I love to live out loud and I want to experience as much as possible and I want my friends, my family and random strangers to experience it too. If we were supposed to know what the point of life is, we would have been given blinders and set down a narrow path. But this is not so, we were given free rein to explore not just the path but the forest beyond it. To find good bad and everything in between, we live not for a specific reason, but for every reason. If someone asked me "what is the reason to live?" My answer would be simple-their is no set answer to the point of life, this is no math test, this is something far greater. I will do what is right, no matter what the consequences if it means to save something that could not save itself. I wish to see nature and humanity become balanced again, it should never have gone so far out of wack for things like global warming to happen. I want to see fish restored, trees flourishing, animals brought back up to their normal numbers, wildlife treated with respect. I want to see this in my life time, I want to see us as humankind use our ingenuity to balance out the huge impact we have on the world around us. I joined this group of adventure's not because my brother made it, but because I agree that to save the wilderness, we must promote it so everyone can see the reasons to save it and to live it.

Role in the operation:

Jr. Adventurer, creative support.


In School, Grade 9.

Best Adventure asset:

"That sounds like a GREAT Idea!" Ready to try anything.

An animal quality you admire:

The Bonds Grey Wolves make with their family.

Most important thing to bring on an adventure:

A snowboard.

Favorite Adventure Activities:

Hiking exploring, camping, boarding, surfing, fishing, reading, doing as much cool things as possible.

Favorite book:

The Great Wheel Of Time Series.

Favorite quote:

"Treat others as you would have them treat you"

captain quinn

Promoting the outdoors to save the outdoors through outdoor entertainment. I hope to get people outside doing fun things so they can develop a healthy relationship with the environment.