Super Nathan Burnham


I like to ride my bike with my friends and my family. My favorite thing about the great outdoors is smelling nature and just being outside with the sun shinning on my head. I am fascinated by all the different kinds of mushrooms that grow in nature and all their cool colors. Animals are cool, they help the earth live.

Role in the operation:

Jr. Adventurer.


Grade 3.

Best adventure asset:

Making cool things with my hands and some tools.

An animal quality that you admire:

The jumpiness of a fish.

Most important thing to bring on an adventure:

Food, drinks, tent and toilet paper.

Favorite adventure activities:

Mountain Biking.

Favorite book:

Any books on building things.

Favorite quote:

Don't know yet.

Contributions by this member:

How to build a go-kart

captain quinn

Promoting the outdoors to save the outdoors through outdoor entertainment. I hope to get people outside doing fun things so they can develop a healthy relationship with the environment.