Jared "Perky" Barabash


I got the nickname Perky when I was just a wee one, shortly after I was born. I got this name because I was so damn happy all the time.  Clueless to the real world, I managed to find something funny in my surroundings with that little under-developed brain of mine. Not much has changed since then, except my brain is huge now. On a side note I think laughter makes the world go round. Without laughter, life would be black and white, and I like colors.

Role in the operation?

Journeyer, Chief operating officer in the humor department. 


I dropped out of University to pursue a career in structural fire fighting.

Best adventure asset?

Ability to keep a clear mind in sticky situations.

An animal quality that you admire?

The speed of a Cheetah.

Most important thing to bring on an adventure?


Favorite adventure activities?

I enjoy all sports, fly fishing, and rocking around in really remote areas.

Favorite book?

"The Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan.

Favorite quote?

"Some call it a rut, I call it a groove!"


Connor McKenna

Connor McKenna

As cryptic, Zen-like or just plain stupid as it may sound; my goal is simply to find a goal. I have always just existed, working jobs I hated so as to save enough money to live in shitty apartments and get drunk on weekends with no real passion or purpose. This kind of lifestyle is detrimental to the soul. I hope that while traveling this fascinating planet, immersing myself in its cultures and experiencing its marvels, adventure will be kind enough to show me a purpose that I can finally, wholeheartedly and passionately pursue. If not that, than I at least hope to find someone who can finally beat me at a thumb war. He (or she) has got to be out there somewhere.

Mark Frederick Stockton

Mark Frederick Stockton

Someone famous, not sure who, once said, “friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”  Experiencing the outdoors with close friends  creates lasting bonds that are truly unique, and tales that never cease to evoke a good chuckle.  Looking back, most of the times I consider “defining moments” in my life were all encountered  while off on a great adventure.  Never be afraid to take the first step- after the first step, the second step falls naturally. There is so much out there to experience, and I’m thankful for any opportunity I have to get amongst it.

Eric "Lenny" Lennert

Eric "Lenny" Lennert
My goal is to learn the skills that people used to survive before the global economy consumed the world.  Through my education and life experiences I hope to gain enough knowledge to help my children understand the environment so they can adventure in an ecologically sound manner.  Oh ya, sometimes it may seem like the only solution to stopping unsound development is a well placed bomb, well according to Wiebo Ludwig anyways-Convicted gas pipeline bomber. (Full Story.)

Caleb Burnham

Caleb Burnham

I don't have boundaries on my outlook on life, my outlook is always changing. I always try to help others in need, whether it be helping them make a life changing choice or picking papers off the floor. I like to live in the moment with a smile on my face and a laugh close to my heart. I love to live out loud and I want to experience as much as possible and I want my friends, my family and random strangers to experience it too. If we were supposed to know what the point of life is, we would have been given blinders and set down a narrow path. But this is not so, we were given free rein to explore not just the path but the forest beyond it. To find good bad and everything in between, we live not for a specific reason, but for every reason. If someone asked me "what is the reason to live?" My answer would be simple-their is no set answer to the point of life, this is no math test, this is something far greater. I will do what is right, no matter what the consequences if it means to save something that could not save itself. I wish to see nature and humanity become balanced again, it should never have gone so far out of wack for things like global warming to happen. I want to see fish restored, trees flourishing, animals brought back up to their normal numbers, wildlife treated with respect. I want to see this in my life time, I want to see us as humankind use our ingenuity to balance out the huge impact we have on the world around us. I joined this group of adventure's not because my brother made it, but because I agree that to save the wilderness, we must promote it so everyone can see the reasons to save it and to live it.

Rob Marley

Rob Marley

I love to wander into the unknown and challenge myself amongst the wilderness. I like most people and most things. I get excited thinking about overnight adventures and camp fire jokes. While we slave away in small cubicles and busy libraries we often tend to forget about the many wonders of the natural world. I am an urbanite in many ways but I strongly cherish my moments to escape into the serene and mystical places that lay just around the corner. My favorite thing about the outdoors is the freedom to go wherever, do whatever, and of course - the wildlife!