Trickle the Film absolutely fantastic!!!


This film follows a single drop of water on its journey throughout the Skeena River, of the Kitimat Range of the Coast Mountains. Drop into the adventure and join a single drop of water on a remarkable journey throughout Northwestern British Columbia’s Kitimat range of the Coast mountains. This 28 minute documentary uses the water cycle to take you on an experience down the Skeena River. Follow a single drop of water as it sojourns in the Kitimat range of the Coast mountains influencing the unique geographies, ecologies and peculiar mammals of this region. Catch a glimpse of the outlandish creatures such as the Mountain Climber, Skier, Snowboarder, Catch and Release Steelhead Fisherman and Kiteboarder as they engage in the most bizarre of behaviors.
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Crazy Chainsaw Trick - Guy opens beer with chainsaw

Tangled with Captain Quinn-Season 1, Episode 1

The best fishing show ever takes you into Northern BC, for some massive winter run steelhead fishing with gear. Normally we don't fish roe but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

Steelhead are an anadromous rainbow trout and probably one of if not the most prized game fish in Canada and the USA. The come in all shapes and sizes of awesome. The world record for steelhead weighed in at over 40 lbs caught in Washington, USA. The previous world record was taken from Northern British Columbia which is exactly where we are fishing on this adventure. 

Tangled with Captain Quinn, Season 1, Episode 1-This Roe Stinks and So do I