Crazy Chainsaw Trick - Guy opens beer with chainsaw

This guy is a maniac with a chainsaw

Check out this in depth look at the creative process behind the artistically gifted Roderick Brown's amazing chainsaw art. This is a fricken cool video to showcase a wicked process and in the end chainsaw art like you have never seen before. Check out this video, check out his website and then tell all of your friends and get your hands on an original piece by Roderick Brown guaranteed to make the market value of your house go up just by merely hanging one (or two or three...) on your wall :)

Shit Fishermen Say Iphone Case by Captain Quinn

First came Captain Quinn then came Shit Fishermen Say. Its a short funny youtube film dedicated to all the funny things that fishermen say. Next came the sexy suit for your Iphone: the shit fishermen say iphone case. There is simply no better way for fishermen to dress up their iphones then with the shit fishermen say iphone case.