What is Captain Quinn & The Adventurers?

Captain Quinn and the Adventures is a group of people dedicated to promoting the outdoors to save the outdoors through outdoor entertainment specializing in comedy fishing & the great outdoors.


We aim to promote the outdoors to save the outdoors by exploring the various exciting activities offered by the outdoors and documenting them for audiences of all ages. Through Outdoor Entertainment we hope to engage our audiences with humour while inspiring and encouraging them to develop a healthy relationship with the environment to which we all belong. We feel that the only way to get people standing up for our environment is to first get them to appreciate everything that it provides us with. 

Our Message

Get in touch with nature.  Share the countless exciting opportunities offered  by the great outdoors.  Observe this unique beauty in its raw purity.  Recognize yourself as a part of this gigantic interconnected circle.  Work to ensure that this diverse beauty will always be among us.


Join us by signing up for our email list, liking us on facebook, following us on twitter, subscribing to our youtube channel and sharing us with your friends. We are always looking for well presented articles photos and videos to feature, so if you have a fishing or adventure article video or photo you would like us to consider please contact us via email.