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Trickle the Film absolutely fantastic!!!


This film follows a single drop of water on its journey throughout the Skeena River, of the Kitimat Range of the Coast Mountains. Drop into the adventure and join a single drop of water on a remarkable journey throughout Northwestern British Columbia’s Kitimat range of the Coast mountains. This 28 minute documentary uses the water cycle to take you on an experience down the Skeena River. Follow a single drop of water as it sojourns in the Kitimat range of the Coast mountains influencing the unique geographies, ecologies and peculiar mammals of this region. Catch a glimpse of the outlandish creatures such as the Mountain Climber, Skier, Snowboarder, Catch and Release Steelhead Fisherman and Kiteboarder as they engage in the most bizarre of behaviors.
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Steelhead fishing at its finest!

Check it out!

Monster steelhead caught on the spey rod is what fly fishermen and fisherwomen dream about all over the world. Through an incredible steelhead fishing adventure in Northern BC, Captain Quinn brings you just the thing that dreams are made out of in his latest film "Pickle" an unusual comparison between pickles and steelhead.

Big Hair. Big Fish.

It was one of those, "you couldn't keep em off" type of trips. Working the riffle with legendary anglers Roberto Bryce, Glen Mickelson and Ian Reimenschnieder, Captain Quinn and crew saw several species of salmonids before most people had even risen for brecky.

But for some peculiar reason the Captain was the only one landing chrome steelhead that morning.

Finally, after getting a 15 pound chunk of hot steel to shore, it dawned on his fellow fisherfolk, that the Captain was the only one sporting a Kentucky Waterfall gone wild (BIG HAIR).

Also wanting to land big chunks of hot steel, Glen "Coho 45" Mickelson and Roberto "T-14" Bryce quickly grew their hair into glorious shortlongs/ragging mullets.

Suddenly they were landing enough steel to re-build the Titanic and everyone lived happily ever after.

To be continued...