Funny Fishing Videos

Pickle by Captain Quinn Live on Vimeo

Check out our latest film :) Fly fishing for steelhead in the classic Captain Quinn fashion!

Pickle is a steelhead fishing film based in Northern BC. Produced by Captain Quinn, this film, as most of his films do, will make you laugh and inspire your next adventure. Steelhead are an extremely sought after sports fish due to their elusive nature shear power and absolute beauty. Enjoy, Like and Share!

Gangnam Style Fishing Dance

If you are one of the nearly 400 million people who have seen this music video, well then you know about the dance that goes along with it. Its a fun dance to do no matter what you are doing. The Gangnam Style Dance has literally swept the globe and rightfully so-its got great style! 

When it comes to fishing, anglers have a unique style but why not up this style with Gangnam Style? It doesn't matter what your hobby is, you'd be in for a good time if you tried it Gangnam Style. 

Captain Quinn is calling on all people with a hobby to make a Gangnam Style dance for their particular hobby. Participants will be featured in a video review and win a prize. Just send us the link to your video here.

Fishing as an Art form wins Peoples Choice Award!

The art of fishing expressed through interpretive dance! This funny fishing video wins the peoples choice awards at the Vegabond Film Show in Hope BC See also Vegabond Film Show on Facebook

How to catch fish with a PENNY!

There is no cheaper way to do it! The Pretty Penny Fishing Lure-Designed by Captain Quinn will catch more fish for less!!! Canada is getting rid of the penny from their currency. I say empty out your change jar and make room in your tackle box.