Pickle by Captain Quinn Live on Vimeo

Check out our latest film :) Fly fishing for steelhead in the classic Captain Quinn fashion!

Pickle is a steelhead fishing film based in Northern BC. Produced by Captain Quinn, this film, as most of his films do, will make you laugh and inspire your next adventure. Steelhead are an extremely sought after sports fish due to their elusive nature shear power and absolute beauty. Enjoy, Like and Share!

Northern BC, Fishing Legend Rob Bryce Celebrates Another Birthday!

Rob with Winter Steel.jpg

A Happy Birthday to Northern BC, fishing legend Rob Bryce from Captain Quinn & The Adventures. Rob has been fishing the waters of Northern BC for his entire life now, so almost 32 years! He has been pursuing steelhead with which he has an uncanny connection to, for many of these years and we are sure many more to come. When asked "What are you using?" Rob will respond: "Any colour will work as long as its red". Few people speak the language of the water as proficiently as Rob and it is a privilege to witness him conversing in a quite whisper with the glittering ripples of the flowing waters running through the rugged terrain of Northern BC, like arteries pumping fresh life into the majestic wilderness.

Below are only a few of thousands upon thousands, maybe even millions and perhaps even billions and possibly kajillions but probably not gabillions of photos of Rob caught in the act and art of fishing. Happy birthday Rob, we hope that it is a good one and we look forward to future fishing adventures with you!

-Captain Quinn & The Adventurers