Swim for the Salmon-Huge Success!

The second annual Swim for the Salmon was a tremendous success! Seeing about 30 swimmers and support boats take to the water early sunday morning was pretty cool. Its always inspirational when communities get together for a collective goal. Now it is time to pool our knowledge and energy into salmon enhancement initiatives such as establishing a historical and present day population assessment of salmon on the Sunshine Coast. This project will be discussed later this year at a Salmon Summit open to the community of the Sunshine Coast and hosted by Captain Quinn. A special thanks to all the swimmers who came out that day including Arron Kraft who finished the swim with a dislocated shoulder.  If you wish to be involved with this project please email me HERE. 

Until next time keep on adventuring,

Captain Quinn

A Summer of Adventure is Upon Us!

Captain Quinn & Captain Bob release a young healthy chinook.A recent trip to Northern BC saw us hopelessly chasing Chinook and Sockeye around in water too high to fish. We bottom bounced, bar and fly-fished ourselves stupid only to hook and loose a couple Pink and Sockeye. We visited the Skeena, the Kitimat, Lackelse and the Nass and left each with nothing but bug bites and broken hearts.

Nathan Robinson with a nice cutthroat trout taken on the fly.Despite the poor fishing however, we still managed yet another fantastic adventure!!! We succeeded in landing and releasing a couple trout, met some awesome new people and shot a new video!

Rosalind Patrick with a healthy young Chinook.Following Northern BC, a trip up Desolation Sound saw some claming, crabbing and shallow water trolling for 5-7 pound feeder Chinook.The sun joined in for most of the Adventure.

Bob Patrick with a BBQ Delight!We now look forward to the second annual Swim for the Salmon where we will celebrate community, the environment and salmon. 

We hope that your summer has been full of adventure and look forward to hearing some stories and seeing some photos!

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Until next time keep on adventuring,

Captain Quinn

My First Salmon by Ryan

Ryan with his first ChinookFirst off let me say anyone that has a stream or river large enough to fly fish on, get out on it as much as you can, and do whatever you can to protect it.  Recently I decided to get away from my tv and computer and get out fishing.  I started off doing some small panfishing, but after a week or two, I decided I wanted to get into bigger game fish.  Now, I don't live next to a river that has an active trout stock, but I do live next to one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Michigan.  After about two months of fishing and my largest fish being a 3lb coho salmon, and the rest being yearling brown trout and feeder salmon, I finally had my first real hookup.  Now, fishing the lake isn't like fishing a river, in that you really don't know exactly where fish are sitting.  You can guess based on wind and water temperature and time of day, but its all really just guessing.  The rest is about putting the time into it on the water.  Anyways, about 6am half in a daze from working my spoon over various depths over and over, I nearly had my rod yanked out of my hand.  Now, let me tell you, my expectation for fish was something in the 5-8 pound range, brown trout, young chinooks, maybe a coho.  What I hooked into made my ears ring.  Immediately I knew I had a good fish on, and what came after that spoiled me for life on panfishing. After about 15-20 minutes in a daze, shocked something could pull so much line out, I managed to get him close enough to net.

Just over 15 pounds, and let me say, I'm completely addicted.  Nothing could have prepared me for what catching a king is like.  I know they get much bigger, but this fish really put on a show. What a fantastic species of fish.