huge grass carp

73 pound Grass Carp-Zach

It was a rainy Saturday morning... Me and my Dad were out fishing at the ten acre lake in Linn Valley Lakes, Lacygne Kansas. Like most Saturday fishing trips, it was the worst possible weather. It was about 45 degrees, a 30 to 40 mile per hour wind, and sleeting. I was fishing worms, he was fishing an antique Heddon Zara Spook that we had found the previous trip. Throwing into the wind he cast to the middle of a small cove. A backlash in his abu garcia black max bait caster let the spook lay lifeless on the surface for about 40 seconds. I threw my plastic worm out and as I jigged it through a large grass bed I saw the popper go under. I then heard the whirr of my dads reel spitting out drag like a dragon with fire. He fought the fish, thinking it was a giant bass. A flash of silver gave the illusion of a giant minnow zipping back and forth. He wrestled the fish to the bank, grasping the chunk through the gill plates. It was a 73 pound grass carp, landed on a bass set up with 10 pound test. After releasing the fish we found that it would have shattered the previous kansas state record by about 8 pounds... Bummer... =)

Zach's 73 pound Grass Carp-well done Zach!!!

-Zach the Fisherman