Morton Launches New Campaign

Alexandra Morton and Anissa Reed in their heroic efforts to get salmon feedlots out of B.C.'s Pacific Ocean have come up with a new plan and we are part of it!!!  The plan is to put enough pressure on our governing system as to evoke a desired response.  After all, the government is nothing without people but people are still people without the government.  The fact of the matter is, Salmon are a keystone species in West Coast ecosystems.  Furthermore, Salmon Feedlots are destoying populations of wild salmon.  We cannot allow this to happen.

Morton holds Salmon Feedlots in large part responsible for destroying wild salmon populations in her home of Echo Bay, British Columbia and is vigorously determined to do something about it.

"Wherever salmon feedlots operate world wide they kill wild salmon, because they break the natural laws that control disease.  This 92% Norwegian-owned industry uses the B.C. coast as a dumpsite, spreading diseases and parasities to the wild environment.  These companies are driven by shareholder obligation to grow relentlessly and will never be satisfied, removing food from the than they make and rapidly mechanizing to reduce jobs. We can no longer accept this business as reasonable."

Wild Salmon Are Sacred

The New Plan

Create a picture of a salmon and title it:

"I want Salmon Feedlots to GET OUT of our ocean.  They are Killing our wild salmon!

Sign it with your name, address and email.

Finally, mail it to:

Anissa Reed (Salmon Are Sacred) 3866 Island Hwy W. Qualicum Beach, B.C. V9K 2G9.

When 100 000 fish have been collected Alexandra and Anissa will march them personally to Ottawa and deliver them to the Parlianment of Cananda!

Remember, you have the power!