As Ambassadors

Captain Quinn and the Adventure team are very passionate when it comes to Mother Nature.  In fact, we like to consider ourselves, not only as entertainers but also as ambassadors for the environment.  There are so many issues facing the world today that it is difficult to say which ones deserve the most attention. Well, to start, we choose environment.  Thats not to say that we don't care about global food shortages, civil war, or trying to find the cure for cancer.  This is just where we fit in.  Once we solve all of the problems facing the environment we will likely move on, making our way down the long list of world issues.  In the mean time we invite you to find something your passionate about and start your adventure, making the world a better place for all, one step at a time.  What will you choose?

Education as a Start

Education enables us to acquire knowledge through study or experience.  There are many ways one can choose to educate themselves from reading a book to making a mistake.  The more educated one becomes the more knowledge they possess and the more aware they are.  All these factors combine to increase the power of the mind, which in turn can lead to amazing things.  Captain Quinn and the Adventure team hope to share some of the knowledge we have acquired over the years with whoever chooses to engage themselves.  We are also open to learn from you.

Problem Solving

Captain Quinn and the Adventurers have recognized problem solving as a five step procedure.  From first to last, these steps include: becoming aware, identifying the problem, understanding the dynamics involved, offering a solution, and finally implementing the solution.  When addressing environmental concerns we hope to use this procedure to reach out to large audiences and together, start solving problems.