Adventure Is Out There

adventure is out there burning carving.

As I set fire to a canoe yolk that I carved to say "adventure is out there" a chuckle escapes me and I am reminded once again, in a rather humerous way, just what it is I love so much about adventure.

It is often unknown, sometimes dangerous, scary, exciting, thrilling and everything in between. It is always outside and made better with friends. It inspires us to do things others may call ridiculous. 

Adventure is in all of us. Those who embrace it, engage themselves in an elevated existence and dance with the magic of life.

The canoe that we carved this yolk for has since been claimed by the sea but the memories it gave us will last a life time.

As I think of it laying on the bottom of the ocean, I can't help but to note that it has returned to the environment from which it came like all things in life will eventually do, including us. 

In the end, the only thing we really own, is our story.

So make it a good one. Find a way to face hardships head-on. Create and share happiness whenever possible. Let adventure flow through you and allow yourself to be called "ridiculous" sometimes.

I love adventure.

-Captain Quinn

Living Beyond the Survival State by Georgia Cyr

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Whether we notice it or not, most of us live our lives driven by instinct. These are in-born patterns of behaviour which influence our choices and actions, often without us being conscious of this. Common instinctual behaviours we carry out include: finding a mate, finding shelter (a home), defending our "territory", reproducing, providing for our families (through some sort of work), and raising our children and training them for survival. Most of us live our lives based on these instinctual forces without always being aware of what we're doing, or more importantly, why? (Read More)

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