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Crazy Footage of Orcas Hunting Sea Lion's While Surfers Retreat in Tofino

February 23, 2013. Orcas in the lineup near Tofino, BC

Adam Chilton was in the right place at the right time in February of this year, 2014. As he was filming some surf action in at a popular break in Tofino, BC, Canada...some orcas moved in hunting sea-lions!!! Needless to say the surfers retreated as anyone who has watched the planet earth series would have. As I watched the Orcas in the video chase down and corral these sea lions I just kept thinking about how much a surfer in a wetsuit mirrors these whiskered mammals. Personally, if I glanced to my right while surfing in Tofino and saw a pod of transient Orcas swimming my way...well, lets just say I'd need to give my wetsuit a very thorough scrubbing. Check it out.

About Adam

Adam Chilton is a Tofino based videographer specializing in surf/lifestyle.

Storytelling, creative imagery and technical expertise drive my cinematic works. I look to stay current by always learning and being open to new ideas. Collaborating with awesome people and having fun along the way - That's my story.

Clients include: Hurley, Monster Energy, Rip Curl, Sitka, O'Neill, and Tourism Tofino.