Smallmouth Bass

Bass Fishing in Nova Scotia

The Captain and Legendary Uncle Donnie with a nice catch!

The Captain and Legendary Uncle Donnie with a nice catch!

What do you do on a hot summer day in Nova Scotia? Well you could go for a dip in one of the many gorgeous lakes and if your up for it, cruise the shoreline in a canoe looking for scrappy small mouth bass to take your fly-no other fish is likely to anymore out here, this time of year anyways... 


A five weight fly rod, a muddler minnow and a legendary angler with more than 55 years years of fishing stories in Nova Scotia and you've got yourself all the main ingredients needed for an exciting morning on the lake. Thirty years ago Waterloo lake was full of spectacled trout and brown trout, today its full of the invasive species: smallmouth bass. These voracious predators have displaced most of the trout, so I had no qualms with acting as a conservationist and keeping my catch which turns out is actually quite tasty even in hot summer waters!  


Filleted, skinned and fried in dollops of butter and dulce and this delicious white flaky meat melts in your mouth. A fine way to start any day.

A special thanks to Uncle Donnie! 

I hope you are enjoying some summer fishing adventures wherever you are,

Until next time, keep on adventuring, 

Captain Quinn