Winning The Safest Bet: Caring For The Environment


Life is all about making the right decisions and judging what exactly counts as the appropriate level of risk. But if there’s one thing that doesn't justify any sort of risk, it’s gambling with the state of our environment. Businesses are continuously expanding to meet the needs of their markets and because of this, a negative impact can be felt throughout the environment is businesses choose not to embrace a sustainable business model. 

As of this writing, BC is home to several casinos, and almost every year, more businesses are looking to build even more. Non partisan group Vancouver Not Vegas is a staunch opponent of physical expansion of the casino industry and continues to monitor any changes from a local level, keeping the economical, ecological, and ethical situations in the spotlight. While arguments about the economic boosts are numerous and often the immediate talking point of any advocate, the counterpoints are just as critical for everyone. 

It’s not just the way natural habitats are impacted by the installation of a casino; it’s also the amount of natural resources that get diverted to power these establishments. Significant amounts of electricity, water, and wastage are caused by the presence of brick and mortar casinos, and this can immediately affect the situation of wildlife not just in the area, but in the region as a whole. Loss of habitat is credited to be one of the biggest reasons for the change in migration patterns of the Monarch Butterfly, one of the most iconic North American butterflies. 

This isn’t to say that all casinos cause the same level of damage to the environment. The MGM Grand and, by extension, the rest of MGM Resorts International strive to create more sustainable buildings with a strong push to reduced carbon emissions, increased recycling, and the transformation of food waste into compost for local animal farms. In addition, online casinos are another avenue for people who enjoy games of chance but don’t like the ethical dilemma presented with a brick and mortar establishment. 

Because online casinos only maintain servers, data centers, and a smaller employee and management base, far less wastage of natural resources is experienced as a whole. Making the switch to online gaming can help alleviate ecological concerns even if just on a personal level. Playing The Flight of the Monarch on Betfair brings a certain kind of pathos and hopefully reminds our more environmentally conscious brothers and sisters to do whatever they can to help keep our planet healthy. 

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