Captain Quinn Visits Little Adventurers at the Vancouver Children's Hospital

Captain Quinn & Adventurers are Welcomed at the Vancouver Children's Hospital.
In a recent visit to the Vancouver Childrens Hospital, Captain Quinn tied feather earings with the amazing children, talked adventure, shared some videos, gave out Captain Quinn Adventure Team Official Member T-shirts and even learned about Tilapia-a fish!

Tilapia-the hungry protector of it's young,.Tilapia babies, I learned from Kanzele, swim around with their parents close-by and when danger appears they take safe refuge in their parents mouth! Pretty cool fact! Kanzele's father has caught one with his bare-hands!

The purpose of the visit was to interact with the children and show them that there is a world full of adventure waiting for them to enjoy. 

Captain Quinn making feather earrings with little adventurers.To the children: Thanks for visiting with me, I hope you like your new adventure shirts, earings, and wooden boats. It would be a delight to go on a fishing adventure with all of you wonderful little adventurers. 

Until next time keep on adventuring,

Captain Quinn