Looking for an Adventure Photographer?

Freelance Photographer Legend: Paul Hodgson.

Freelance Photographer Legend: Paul Hodgson.

When it comes to adventure and the great outdoors, nobody shoots em like Paul Hodgson. Paul is a freelance photographer based out of the Sunshine Coast, BC. He gets his jollies from downhill biking, backcountry skiing, fishing and every other outdoor adventure based activity. If you are looking for someone to snap some photos of you partaking in your favorite activity, Paul is the man to do it. Not only will he make you look good but he will capture the soul enriching experience as you engage it in its finest. Paul is the man when it comes to the lens so check out his website and drop him a line. Specializing in sports, outdoor, commercial and wedding photography;  he can bring a unique and original view to whatever project you may have in mind. 


Some work by Paul Hodgson:

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