Nootka Island

The Captain and Adventurer Gary Fenwick just returned from Nootka Island, where they spent 5 days and 5 nights exploring the exciting activities offered by the remote west coast wilderness.  "We set out in an 8 foot dingy loaded to the brim with fishing gear and surfboards plus the essentials" said Captain Quinn.  To which Gary added, "We were on the west coast of British Columbia in the middle of winter for 5 days and 5 nights and didn't see a drop of rain...what luck!"


These two crazed outdoor explorers say that they have big plans, and advise viewers to stay tuned because the excitement is just beginning.  "There is nothing quite like breaking out of the norm, and setting your soul free in the rugged wilderness, have you ever set your soul free in the outdoors?" Gary asked our reporter.  "No, I can't say that I have, not that I can remember anyway."  Gary, "Well, you should, you won't regret it and believe me you'll remember!" 

-Flying Squirrel News