A Thoughtful Letter

I was at senior hour at the Sechelt Aquatic centre today, and the pessimistic folk or realistic wise seniors, were talking about how the world will forever be about the pursuit or money and power. I feel like this is a cohesive agreement amongst our elders that, power and money is man's only common pursuit. I know for myself that I have caught my self in this mode of thinking. To say there isn't truth about the objective reality of our world, would be ignorant, I think it's important to recognize as humans this is a common trait of one another. However, I do believe some people are more selfish or greedy then others. It's important to monitor our inherent greediness within us and our fellow man and stand up to these behaviors.   Our world is populated by billions and with no signs of our population slowing in the near future, I believe it's important to not relate our wants and desires to our neighbor on the other side of the picket fence or on the west coast our cedar hedges, but think of what we have in comparison to our most famished individuals in countries of Africa and other impoverished reasons. The time to globalize our world is upon us and I hope we have the grace to Think Globally and Act Locally. 

'It's a sad day when we our quiet about things that matter' Martin Luther Kind Junior. Good for you Quinn for promoting the outdoors and promoting spirit and community.