The Best Place on Earth...

Is what you will read if you get behind any vehicle with a B.C. license plate these days. Sounds a little arrogant, well, maybe so, but there is a thin fine line between arrogance and confidence. We are confident that if it is not "The Best Place on Earth" it is at least the only place on earth where you can still find Pacific Salmon by the millions, Grizzly bear, Spirit bear, Moose, Wolves, Whales and more, all still somewhat thriving in their natural environment.

The area of land located in the province of British Columbia truly is unlike any other place on this planet. What makes it so? It's not the people, although the people are great. It's not the cities. It's not the fact that they just hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic games. No, It's the pristine, remote, rugged wilderness teaming with life and biological diversity. It's the breathtaking outdoor landscapes. It's the fact that we haven't yet completely ruined it all!

However, they keep trying...

Oil in Eden: The Battle to Protect Canada's Pacific Coast from Pacific Wild on Vimeo.

And if it's not one thing it's the other!

If it's not oil and gas it's privatized power. I say "beat it" to both. Lets stand our ground because people, cities, dams, oil and gas are already all over the world. There is only one place left like this. Instead of ruining it, we should be trying to make more places like it.