Nass River, British Columbia

Captain Quinn and Adventurer "Big E" venture deep into the remote wilderness surrounding the Nass River.  The Nass is home to all five runs of Pacific salmon as well a popular destination for feeding Grizzly bears and Black bears.  Armed with only our fishing rods, we made sure to sing as loud and out of tune as possible during the trek. Favorite tunes included "Blame it on the rain" by Milli Vanilli and "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers.  

Big E finally managed to hook up after watching the Captain land several beauty's.

After a long successful day on the river, it was time to head back to camp and cook up our "catch of the day".  In order to cook salmon over a camp fire you need certain things, preferably a grill, if you forgot your grill at home like we did than its time to be innovative. After gutting this baby we butter-flyed it, lashed it to a forked evergreen branch and slow roasted it over a hot bed of coals.  Mm mm mmm!


Watch the Captain eat a fish heart