Wild Edible Categories

Wild Edibles features plants berries and mushrooms primarily from British Columbia's wilderness. Choose from Berries, Mushrooms and Plants and dont forget to take note of our disclaimer.


Hey Adventurers! A huge part of 'adventuring' is EATING! So, we will share with you our knowledge on Wild Edibles! Please use all of this information in conjunction with a legit publication, such as 'Wild Harvest' by Terry Domico, and/or many others that you can find at your local library/bookstore/Google.  Do not rely solely on the information we provide to be accurate enough for safe consumption of anything found in the wild. Instead, use it in confluence with other wisdom to broaden your knowledge of the subject until you can accurately identify the thousands of different wild edibles.

I am most definitely not a certified anything, however, I am a bonafied scavenger of the forest and have harvested and eaten many of the species I will share with you. That said, I live in the Pacific Northwest and will be keeping it specific to my area. Thanks!

-Captain Quinn & The Adventurers