As a keen and curious adventurer at heart, I've travelled the world... and then some.  But writing this from the home my parents built with their own hands demands a HOLD UP! SLOW DOWN!!! My outlook on life is shifting from jet setting around the globe to finding out what my responsibilities are to this land, this community, these people and these animals. Because if we don't stand up for the integrity of our environment, then who will? But lets try to do it with a smile on :)

Role in the operation:

The Brains.


BA Environmental Studies & Geography, MA (almost) Indigenous Governance, fond observer of nature.

Best adventure asset:

Critical thinking. Ie, "No Captain, I don't think it's a good idea to drive the vehicle through the river"

An animal quality that you admire:

Tranquility of a horse, loyalty of a dog.

Most important thing to bring on an adventure:

A creative approach...and a Freshette.

Favorite adventure activities:

Skiing, horseback riding, sailing, fishing (and actually catching something)

Favorite book:

The Old Man and the Sea, Blood Meridian.

Favorite quote:

“Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.”

Paulo Friere, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

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