Gary Fenwick

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The world that is pushed on us through media (TV, Internet, Magazines) has never really appealed to me. I don't want to become a millionaire, own a fancy car or worry about fashionable clothing. It's always been about connecting with nature, following the human spirit and securing the soul. For me and the adventurers this means climbing mountains, surfing waves, canoeing down rivers, hiking through forests and exploring the world. And we are there for our communities whether it be protecting wildlife or helping out at the local soup kitchen. Adventure is always upon us we just have to be able to take the leap.

Role in the operation?

Co-Producer, Filmer, Editor, Platinum ranked Adventurer. 


Certified water quality technician.

Best adventure asset?

 Organized and energetic.

An animal quality that you admire?

The crow's crafty and cunning abilities makes it a true survivor, a gifted glider and deadly quick, smart as a parrot and fast as a sparrow, if ever there was an animal with a lot of personality the tricky black bird is the one. 

Most important thing to bring on an adventure?

 Bow saw and axe.

Favorite adventure activities?

Making necklaces out of garbage I find. 

Favorite book?

Dances with wolves; its the only book I have ever read in one sitting. 

Favorite quote?

"If your food is in finite supply, hide some away, or Quinn will eat it"

-Gary Fenwick

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