Captain Quinn Big Fish Photo Contest Winners

The Captain Quinn Big Fish Photo Contest Winners!

Biggest Pelagic Fish-1.Larry Simmonds (52.5 Pound Spring Salmon-WOW!)

Biggest Freshwater-1.Mike. A. Rietveld (37.10lbs Whale of a Lake Trout)

Biggest Lingcod-1.Rich McCeight (Aquatic Dragon)

Biggest Silver-1.Amanda Beitz (Silver Scales, Silver Nails)

Biggest Steelhead-1.Graeme Estey (Winter Steel)

Biggest Grin-1.Eric Vogt (Monster Shit Eater)

Biggest Bottom Fish-1.Everett Lepage (Monster Halibut)

Biggest Halibut-1.Everett Lepage (Barn Door)

Most Liked-1.Everett Lepage (75 Pound Canuck Fan)

Biggest Goof-1.Steve Dejong (Invisible Fish)

Most Sportsmanlike-1.Tony Lefroy ("It fed the whole camp")